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Connecting the best startups from frontier markets with investors looking to make a change.


We build a governance software based on blockchain technology, enabling a high level of transparency and trust for your investment projects. We list high-quality startups and bring all relevant data to your fingertips. 

The truth about your project’s progress

Bring your project’s milestones and their validation to a transparent and trusted environment. Coordinate your people on the
ground, access our wide and globally active validator network or utilize powerful web integrations for seamless data verification.

Find promising high-quality startups from frontier markets

Impact first or financial first? Either way suitable investments are easily accessible. Our startup database provides all relevant financial and social impact metrics and opens up new possible investments.

Ease your due diligence and cooperate with co-investors

Find all relevant KPI’s and data in one place and save time doing your due diligence. Cooperate smoothly with other investors and ensure high efficiency in the fundraising process.

You are a startup looking for funding?

Investment readiness
Investment readiness

Use our platform and integrated accounting tools for an easier and faster investor readiness. Access our local partner network in order to have your data validated.

Follow-up funding
Follow-up funding

Find accredited investors, who go along with your goals and vision. Structure your funding and get rewarded for project progress. Secure follow-up funding through our staged financing protocol.



Kai Schmidt

Co-Founder – Business Development


Philipp Lesche

Co-Founder – Operations


Simon Scholz

Co-Founder – Product Development

Mohammed Al-Salafi is our representative in Nigeria

Mohammed Al-Salafi

Expert Nigeria


Farhan Shahid Nawaz

Lead Blockchain Developer


Ben Valk

Business Development

McIntosh Kuhlengisa Blockchain Research Accelerator

McIntosh Kuhlengisa

Business Development


Work with us

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Advisory Board & Network

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

Advisor, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center


Christina Moehrle

Advisor, FASE

Benedikt Pollmeier, Luvent Consulting

Benedikt Pollmeier

Advisor, Luvent Consulting


Nico Konrad

Advisor, DLT Capital

Uli Gallersdörfer

Advisor, TU Munich

Atilla Kaiser Yucel

Ambassador, GIZ


Lucas Zaehringer

Ambassador, positiveblockchain.io

Manuel Müller

Ambassador, DLT Capital